CK Contradiction For Men

CK Contradiction For Men

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CK Contradiction For Men

CK Contradiction For Men EDT 100ml. is a modern and elegant man who actively engages in the world around him and has enough self-confidence to seize the inconsistency of life and create a multifaceted, soulful life. The man using the Contradiction for Men is sexy and perfectly combines strength with courtesy. He is determined, but adaptable. It is informal and yet demanding. He is a modern man who knows himself and knows what he wants. The head of the Fragrance of Contradiction for Men is refreshing limes, clementines, narcotic sage and charming lavender. Spicy heartbeat, hereditary freesia, aromatic coriander, peeled nutmeg and cardamom. The warm base is dominated by charismatic vetiver, exotic sandalwood, couscous, soft cashmere and ebony. This masculine and refined perfume Calvin Klein is great for day and night wear. Calvin Klein Contradiction for Men is a confident scent for an active and versatile man who can enjoy the inconsistency of life. A sign of this quality perfume is a unique combination of ingredients that at first glance will not work together. Similarly, you can characterize a real man. In the fragrance of Contradiction for Men miraculously harmonize with each other sharp notes with spicy and tender, fresh with calm. This they create a unique oriental woody male fragrance, which will appeal to lovers of Calvin Klein style. From the very first notes of perfume the air is filled with invigorating citrus, fresh lime, cooling and thin lavender and calming muscatine sage, which is somewhat reminiscent of the ambience. In "heartfelt" notes in a few seconds you can hear nutmeg, a spicy fellowship of cardamom, coriander and pepper. In the train you will be fully shown and securely behind you will be fixed sweetish-tart sandalwood, calm musk, vetiver, which smells of something tart, like wet wood.

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