Christina Aguilera Unforgettable

Christina Aguilera Unforgettable

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Christina Aguilera Unforgettable

Christina Aguilera Unforgettable 75ml. Eau De Parfum is fruity elixir with expressive intensity. Modern and fresh fragrance for ladies who want in any company stand out enough. Unforgettable combination of selected ingredients with which you feel young and playful. Christina Aguilera Unforgettable is Parfum for Women with grace. For those enjoyed by mainly plums, apples or Turkish rose. Perfect combination of attractiveness, originality and superiority. Get these advantages after applying subtle scent to cover them on your body within seconds. Christina Aguilera Unforgettable Parfum is stored in the inspired bottle black. His body is decorated with white flowers, which adds the appropriate sophistication. Enjoy vanilla intoxication with which you can conjure up a smile on his face. Falls under the spell selected essences that will amaze you. Your image can not be forgotten. Your beauty is imprinted in the memory forever, like a romantic song, flowing from the guitar strings. Your appearance as captors and so mysterious. Before it is impossible to resist, they want to enjoy. You like the sweetest drug that causes an irresistible addiction. You have become such because of perfumed water Unforgettable by Christina Aguilera. This elegant floral arrangement, complemented by fruity notes, gave you a charming magic. Start strong perfume works like shoulder of the beloved - juicy pomegranate and ripe plum. Continued few fades to later instant burst of fragrant floral thunder jasmine and Turkish rose. Ending leave an unforgettable trail, long pop-up in the imagination of a bright picture - a combination of sweet vanilla and cashmere wood. Release Date : 2013 Country of origin : Germany Gender : Female Classification of flavor : floral oriental Top notes : pomegranate and plum note "Hearts" : jasmine and Turkish rose Final note : tonka bean, vanilla and cashmere wood.

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