Christian Dior Pure Poison

Christian Dior Pure Poison

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Christian Dior Pure Poison

Christian Dior Pure Poison EDP 100ml. - Christian Dior Pure Poison is easy, oriental, but fresh. As a ray of light is particularly suitable for hot summer days or hot spring. refreshing fragrance Pure Poison is a gardenia essence prevails. Then a touch of jasmine gardenia completed in middle notes. Pure Poison highlights brightness due to the combination of oriental essences of sandalwood and bergamot. Exoticism is accented by notes of mandarin, orange and bergamot. Christian Dior Pure Poison is unique, offering a blend of purity, innocence and lightness, with an aura of mystery and sensuality alluring. Pure Poison is sexy for women and girls naive, combining pure innocence and sexuality. It is so intoxicating, a true elixir which no man can not resist. fragrance Pure Poison house is designed for the woman strong and bold, which itself lies hidden whose romantic girl. Women who opt for Pure Poison are able to dream, but always being grounded. Pure Poison is perfect to be used in each well for special occasions. Pure Poison is very flexible, cultured personality of each woman. Fragrance Pure Poison Christian Dior created for emotional, sensual, sexual woman. The essence of the fragrance Pure Poison - glow emanating from its owner, the sound of her heart, her strength, magnetism. Come closer and catch fresh aroma and flirting temptation, the scent of her skin ... The freshness of citrus contrasts with an abundance of blooming flowers and nuances of amber and musk added almost tangible sensuality and femininity.

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