Christian Dior Poison Girl

Christian Dior Poison Girl

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Christian Dior Poison Girl

Christian Dior Poison Girl 100ml. EDP is a perfume for a modern girl who is free, spirited and sexy. Smell, like the story of a young girl who is unbounded, has a strong will and goal; she is tempting and she knows very well about it; can be provocative or even scandalous. Christian Dior Poison Girl is a bitter floral scent. The most important first note that will affect your olfactory cells is the bitter orange of Sicily. The fragrance dampens lightly thanks to the smell of the charming rose from Damascus, which complements the sweet subtext. The fragrance is based on Venezuelan tonka beans, sandalwood, almonds and vanilla, which adds a sweet to oriental admixture. Perfumed Water Poison Girl has a magnificent bottle, similar to the time-made poisons, which complements the metaphor of the wild and self-confident girls of today's world. Bond and show your wild temper! The novelty of 2016 from Christian Dior is called Poison Girl, which, as it is not difficult to guess, refers us to the classic Poison line of this house. The "poison" of this perfume differs from its predecessors in its youth and beauty. It seems that the perfumer Francois Demachy this time decided to take a fresh look at the classics, making it more modern, youthful and clockwork. However, this does not mean that the perfume was "girl": it's not for nothing that the author's "pen" belongs to such legends as J`Adore L`Or for Christian Dior or L'Acquarossa for Fendi! The composition opens with a note of bitter orange, which sounds bold and straightforward, immediately attracting attention to its owner. In the notes of the "heart", however, from a few cantrus causing chords there is no trace - with the closest acquaintance it turns out that we have a very romantic person, after all, this is the impression left by a flower duet from Grass and Damascus roses. In the finale, the floral overflows smoothly melt in the embrace of a sweet plume of vanilla, almonds and thin beans, backed with tonka beans and Toluansky balm. Is it possible to resist such a girl?

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