Christian Dior Homme Intense

Christian Dior Homme Intense

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Christian Dior Homme Intense

Christian Dior Homme Intense 100ml. Eau De Parfum is a dazzling woody floral fragrance for men. Want a special flavor to the evening? Perfume intense and refined sensuality and finds the art of seduction. No woman can resist him. The composition combines notes of honey, flowers, rare wood, hidden in a prestigious design house of Christian Dior. In the opening, you are enveloped by notes of lavender, whose power gradually evaporates, leaving only a wonderful touch, elegance, followed by notes of iris and hibiscus. Simple composition, cedar, musk and vetiver will exudes sex appeal for a long time. Christian Dior fragrance is classic and timeless, that you like both men and women of all ages. Enter the world of luxury and glory, wearing Christian Dior brand! Dior Homme Intense Perfume remain embedded deep into the minds of others. Discover the veil of mystery Christian Dior Dior Homme Intense is dedicating most secret practices, sensual seduction and charm, drawing full attention! You have such a unique opportunity to show what is hidden in you! It is a noble and courageous, magnificent and unexpected perfumed water, which reflects the charm and success, strength and determination. It is designed for stylish men who are confident, unaware of compromise in solving complex problems. Winner of flavor achieved some success in his career, he is a trendsetter in all - the business world, love, perfume for him - the inalienable and mandatory addition to the image, which is like a business card is able to show the elegance and prestige, to emphasize masculinity. Opens Perfume refreshing, light and delicate combination of vanilla with toffee. Heart notes are supplemented and refined sensual amber, and in the end it sounds sexy cedar with vetiver. The bottle resembles the shape of the original perfume. Meanwhile, the glass vial was decided to give a smoky metallic hue, which is visible through the black rod sprayer with amber liquid. Lid is made ​​in black color variants.

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