Christian Dior Higher

Christian Dior Higher

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Christian Dior Higher

Christian Dior Higher 100ml. Eau De Toilette male fragrance from Dior belongs to a group of flavors fern wood. This detachment and closeness man has seen a lot in his lifetime. Such men attract women like a magnet, they involve prints adventures hidden in wrinkles loved person. Higher by Dior - this stranger, alone past many vital roads, he saw love and hate, friendship and betrayal. Released in 2001, received from his fragrance creators Olivier Gillotin and Olivier Pescheux notes: peach, basil, citrus, pear, rosemary, spices, cypress, musk and pear tree. Higher Dior perfume will be for you a real challenge, a powerful call to action. Therefore, before buying this rapid flavor, make sure you determine the order that they are ready to make a challenge to myself and everyone around. As you know, Higher Dior - aroma of strong personalities, who are confident in their abilities to 100 percent. Try it and you will surely find out whether you are worthy to be called the representative of the stronger sex. Women adore holders Higher Dior, and that's understandable. After a weak man will hardly be able to wear a long time, this sharp and throbbing odor resembling the movement in the city. But worthy men by their flavor will show uncompromising, dedication, commitment to excellence. Higher Dior - perfume for athletes who used to occupy only the uppermost step on the podium. This aroma of real Don Juan, the aroma of top managers and oligarchs. In other words, Higher Dior - perfume for a strong start and confident movement. Faster! Higher! Stronger! You have to become better every day. We should conquer new heights. We must achieve their goals and wins replenish its treasury new trophies. This will help you toilet water Higher by Christian Dior. Wood-fruity bouquet of flavors is the best accentuate the image of the modern man, living in a fast rhythm.

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