Christian Dior Dolce Vita

Christian Dior Dolce Vita

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Christian Dior Dolce Vita

Christian Dior Dolce Vita 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a sweet and delicate essence of oriental elements that create a relaxing atmosphere. Ingredients carefully chosen to attract the smell of fresh flowers blended with notes of fruit wrapped in an aura of vanilla and wood. Indicated use in the evening romantic, candlelit bringing peace, tranquility, sensuality and also caution. A unique fragrance for women beautiful and sexy, full of nostalgia, comfort and safety, who appreciate the natural character. Ah, the sweet life! Sweet as a ripe peach, honey remains scarlet lips. Sweet as a fragrant rose, whose beauty is slowly matured in the heart of the summer garden. Sweet as delicate, subtle flavor of vanilla and languid, warm sandalwood. And sweet as a real woman, wrapped in the scent of Dolce Vita by Christian Dior. Is there a lot of sweets? No, when it comes to Dolce Vita. Aroma sensual and passionate, stunning and truly happy. Each time, you will want to touch his life-giving force to deeper dive into the magic of this exquisite perfume. Christian Dior Dolce Vita is very delicate and sweet ladies oriental fragrance that is supposed to evoke the atmosphere of a happy and relaxed life. Dolce Vita perfume evokes nostalgia and carefree. Lures you with its aromas of fresh flowers, which mingle with notes of juicy fruits. The whole composition is carefully selected fragrances are packaged in a sensual tones of vanilla and wood. Dior perfume Dolce Vita can bring into your routine days of peace and quiet. It is also suitable for romantic evenings by candlelight. Scent Dolce Vita thanks to its floral tones and vanilla substrate makes a woman a sensual, delicate and at the same time sober. Dolce Vita is a unique fragrance for all women who want to show their natural feminine face. Moreover portrays nature as well as a bottle of perfume in the form of the month. Do not be afraid to be sexy and beautiful. A life full of nostalgia, comfort and security, this is exactly perfume Dior Dolce Vita.

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