Christian Dior Aqua Fahrenheit

Christian Dior Aqua Fahrenheit

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Christian Dior Aqua Fahrenheit

Christian Dior Aqua Fahrenheit 125ml. Eau De Toilette is the new fragrance launched in 2011 that was designed for a man independent, self-confident. Aroma fragrance is full of contrast that can be seized and bottle design that symbolizes the big black and red heat and fire. The composition of the fragrance combines opposites like fire and water in a natural flavor and energy. Christian Dior Aqua Fahrenheit is a perfume that addresses men who are not afraid of challenges and want to experience unusual things. Beginning with citrus fragrance gradually turns flavors mint, basil and violet and ends with essences vetvier. Enjoy the most of every moment of the day with Christian Dior Aqua Fahrenheit only! Fragrance Aqua Fahrenheit is a new sensory experience that combines two opposites. He is an explosive contrast elements of water and fire. Corporate design Fahrenheit, made in the colors of the flaming sunset, acquires a new energetic and fresh note. Christian Dior Aqua Fahrenheit - it is very exquisite flavor, it attracts with its unusual and rather exclusive composition, it combines elements of new water and fiery explosion. Christian Dior Aqua Fahrenheit is a new fragrance, designed for independent men who went on the market in 2011. The fragrance is very contrasting, as well as the bottle. The black represents the night sky and the sea and the red represents heat and fire. It is a combination of fire and water, two tumultuous and vibrant elements that embody the effervescence and natural energy. Aqua Fahrenheit fragrance is perfect for men who want to experience the adventure without boundaries. Always brings new unforgettable experience. At home fragrance surprising combination of citrus and then turns into tones of mint, basil and violet, which illustrates the basis of a perfume composed of leather and vetiver. Enjoy life to the fullest and their own. Perfume Christian Dior Aqua Fahrenheit understands the desires and wishes of every man. It helps you get in your life with excitement and determination. Explosive, full of energy, experience and adventure, just like the perfume Aqua Fahrenheit.

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