Christian Dior Addict

Christian Dior Addict

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Christian Dior Addict

Christian Dior Addict 100ml. Eau De Parfum is a sophisticated fragrance with oriental and floral notes designed for a passionate woman with a unique style that is guided by your own tastes. Christian Dior Addict symbolizes and highlights the beauty of any woman's natural charm. Beginning of fragrance notes were created from mulberry aromas of flowers and tangerine tones that continues with roses, jasmine and orange blossom. Base perfume was made of vanilla, sandalwood and tonka. Christian Dior Addict is a fragrance that can be worn both day and night. Christian Dior Addict perfume choose to have a sweet seductive and fascinating! Dior Addict fragrance for intuitive and impulsive woman who ignores restrictions and followed his instincts. Absolute perfection - its purpose. "She avoids pressure. It excludes obligations, it erases the boundaries of definitions" - that characterizes its possessor Dior Addict. She created this for selfish sensually sweet fragrant composition. As the wind of freedom, this fragrance bursts fresh tangerine tree leaves and flowers mulberry tree. Then he wraps notes of rose, orange blossom and a rare flower from Jamaica called "Queen of the Night," which blooms for only a few hours to fill the summer night vanilla. In a loop flavor bourbon vanilla, tonka bean tree. Parfum for Women Dior Addict has much to offer. They're blooming garden set a maximum release. Scent Dior Addict consists of carefully selected essence for which you are not sure imaginative diversity and creativity. Use fragrant knowledge, which soon lose the taste. Vial of scented water for women Dior Addict is interwoven with delicate and lightly tinting, color. These symbolize the expressiveness and lightness presented tones that perfectly nest in your olfactory senses. Surrender to the flavor, which will spell was hard to resist. Fragrance was launched in 2014.

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