Chopard Happy Spirit

Chopard Happy Spirit

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Chopard Happy Spirit

Chopard Happy Spirit 75ml. Eau De Parfum is a subtle floral fragrance for women who crave beautiful moments and feelings of eternal love. Enjoy the intoxicating combination finest essence of love. Fall in love with a distinctive perfume Happy Spirit, who is hiding in a pink heart dreaming. Become a lovely and seductive fairy that its unique view of the world enchant everyone who is close to her. Fresh graceful notes of blood orange, yuzu and raspberry sorbet lift your mood to heavenly heights. The moment you find yourself in a blooming garden, where pampering blossoms of magnolia and osmanthus. Finally, I wrapped a silk scarf cashmere wood, musk and ambergris, which is blissfully together with the skin of your body for a long time. Chopard fragrances evoke the luxury of just its unique design bottles. Inside lurks quality and original floral-woody scent, which makes sensual and worthy of admiration every woman. Try to go the way of refinement and creativity. Experience moments of joy mind and body beauty eternally in love with perfume Chopard Happy Spirit! It is a joyful, light fragrance that will fill your life with joy and good fortune. Perfume was published in 2007. A floral-fruity, slightly spicy, woody fragrance, full of radiant citrus notes decorate any occasion, be it a romantic encounter or a business meeting. It is the fragrance of youth, joy and good mood. It is dedicated to the young woman, self-confident and positive gazing at life. This light, sweet and delicate flavor will not leave anyone indifferent, it will bring a smile and cause pleasant memories. A cheerful and energetic, he charges the positive for the whole day. Perfume fragrance includes notes of raspberry sorbet, cashmere wood, osmanthus, yuzu fruit, blood orange, magnolia, amber, honeysuckle, musk.

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