Chloe Love Story

Chloe Love Story

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Chloe Love Story

Chloe Love Story 75ml. Eau De Parfum is clean and fresh women's fragrance inspired by Parisian romance. With this perfumed water will irresistibly seductive and sexy. Fruity fragrance Chloé Love Story is designed for uninhibited women who are not afraid to show their femininity. In the introduction fragrance Love Story will attract fresh scent of neroli, which subsequently will replace notes of orange blossom, accompanied by the smell of romantic Madagascar jasmine. Basis fragrance conceals a sensual and mysterious musk and cedar wood. Fragrance was launched in 2014. Parfum Chloé surprise you with its playfulness that will captivate your surroundings and you become irresistibly charming. Enter the world of exceptional fresh smell and become a confident woman for whom nothing is impossible and can enjoy life to the fullest. Wrap yourself in a sensual and gentle at the same time feminine fragrance Chloe Love Story, get carried away by its aroma and enjoy it all day long! It a fresh floral arrangement for women. Unobtrusive flair inspired by spring romantic love Paris, it concealed the ancient streets, the new cozy boulevards and gardens, a special place for capturing loyalty couples in love - Bridge of Arts, where they hang and close the symbolic lock, and the key thrown away in the legendary Seine as a sign of eternal love and faithfulness. Intriguing aroma of Love Story of Chloe fashion house is surrounded by a charming the owner of just such a carefree aura of love, romantic femininity and tenderness swan. Perfume Chloe Love Story is built around the fragrant flowers of the orange tree, it offers a perfect chord neroli, continuing in a fun dance nuances of orange blossom and jasmine Madagascar stephanotis. Sensual plume envelops the skin soft and warm musk and tree motifs, making his way through and warming exquisite sweetness. Treat yourself to an elixir of love and happiness in a magic bottle of dreams and hopes.

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