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Chloe Love

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Chloe Love

Chloe Love EDP 75ml. is a romantic and fragile fragrance inspired by the innermost feelings of a woman. It manifests the celebration of spontaneous femininity and unique beauty. The sophisticated fragrance of Love conceals a masterfully designed ingredient. Chloe is uninhibited and sexy, graceful and assertive, presenting the fragrance wearer with a modernized vintage perfume. Chloe Love, Chloe is a beautiful feminine perfume with a sensual effect on the skin, created by the powdery floral notes of heliotrope flower, iris and rice powder. Chloe Love, Chloe features fresh notes of orange blossom enhanced with pink pepper at the opening of the perfume. Love Chloé fragrance is a delicate, sophisticated, inspired like the inner beauty and privacy. It is a floral scent that presents a sensual combination of musk with rice with orange blossom and pink pepper adds flavor and modern temper. Notes are highlighted iris flowers, lilac and hyacinth. This product was used ingredients with a tradition of more than a century for the perfume industry, being found notes of vanilla, almond, musk, talc fibers and rice powder. Chloé Love envelops the skin in a feminine aura at any time. Parfum Chloé Love is romantic and delicate fragrance, inspired innermost feelings women. It manifests spontaneous celebration of femininity and unique beauty. Sophisticated fragrance Love conceals a masterfully designed ingredients. The head mixes orange blossom with a touch of pink pepper, which adds an interesting scent charge. In the elegant heart of the fragrance brightens iris and heliotrope. Furthermore, there uniquely blended notes of hyacinth, lilac and wisteria. In a charming base fragrance is woven together with a powder-musk tones and rice powder. This exclusive ladies Parfum by Chloe is perfectly suited to fit into society. Lovely fragrance Love from Chloé express your feelings and help you open up to love! Fragrance was launched in 2010.

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