Chanel Platinum Egoiste Pour Homme

Chanel Platinum Egoiste Pour Homme

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Chanel Platinum Egoiste Pour Homme

Chanel Platinum Egoiste Pour Homme 100ml. EDT is a luxurious wood-green mens fragrance. For men who want to pamper their ego. Experience the pleasant feelings of admiration and attention that you will feel when you come. Experience the eloquent charm and elegance that combines with the simple pleasure of ordinary things. All of this is found in the simple but effective bottle of the Platinum Egoiste perfume. The lightly exotic combination of alpine lavender, Paraguay ginger and Provencal rosemary is deep in your senses and enchants you with the unchanging structure of freshness and irresistible feelings. Rare essences of Caucasian sage and Persian galbanon penetrate deep into your mind and will pamper you for a long time. The wood foundation will then provide your soul with a soft softening in the form of vetiver and atlantic cedar. Premium quality and luxury are the main essentials of the well-known French perfumes Chanel. The popular brand will offer both masculine and feminine scents that will surprise you with a refined taste and erotism in elegant packaging. Also get a timeless classic that you never step on next. Become a confident man worthy of admiration! Chanel Platinum Egoiste perfume your ego to heavenly heights and you will finally shine! This eau de toilette is a symbol of elegance and success, distinguished by a strict and conservative, but at the same time hidden sexual overtones, representing a continuation of the world-famous series called Egoiste. It is characterized by a special freshness, uniquely symbolizes energy and power, serves as a testament to the elitism of its owners and their involvement in the changing world of haute couture. The fragrance emphasizes individuality and reveals the character of men. Creating a composition, perfumers wanted to focus on independence and self-sufficiency, the power of a man's character. Therefore Chanel Egoiste is chosen by representatives of the stronger sex, self-confident, knowledgeable in luxury. Perfume composition begins to open with lavender from the Alps themselves, mountain rosemary and leaves of orange tree, in the "heart" smells of Caucasian sage and geranium. In the end, the shade of wood moss, cedar, vetiver and incense is felt, giving lightness and refinement.

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