Chanel No.5 EDT

Chanel No.5 EDT

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Chanel No.5 EDT

Chanel No.5 EDT 100ml. is a fragrance for women, which belongs to the family of floral aldehyde flavors. Perfume Chanel No 5 Eau de Toilette was created in 1921. Icon between perfumes! A honey-yellow love drink handed down from generation to generation. It's just a charm and a celebration of true womanhood! With Perfume No.5 you will be at least as seductive and sensual as Marilyn Monroe, who has also liked the classic fragrance today. In the beginning you will be enchanted by the essence of the blooming orange-lily blossoming ylang-ylang. The classic sweet notes of jasmine and rose will give you French style and charm. The unique combination of the heady Burton vanilla, sandalwood, and Vetiver  sensitively surrounds your body and lasts for a long time. Chanel perfumes are the number one among the luxurious and distinctive scents. Many jewels have come out of the workshop of this world-famous brand. Chanel No.5 Perfume is totally unique and unrepeatable. Since 1921, when it was first marketed, a vast amount of this proven classics has been sold. Even today, No.5 belongs among the 10 most popular fragrances in the world. Indulge in luxury and get even the most famous perfume of all time! This toilet water embodied femininity, which can not be expressed in words, becoming the first floral-aldehyde smell of elegance, modernity and seduction that exists outside of time. In such a classic perfume composition eighty different components were mixed, and out of twenty tubes Coco Chanel decided to choose the fifth, which is why the name was given. However, Mademoiselle made one addition - she asked to add a little affectionate lily of the valley, reminiscent of youth. Chanel said that the perfume should not smell like a lily of the valley or a rose, it should "smell like a woman". Chanel No. 5 in the abstract confusion is comparable with the genius and actual masterpieces of the avant-garde painting of Malevich and Kandinsky, and it fits best in the modern era. A delicate, light, very daisy aroma, but at the same time serious and slightly "scratchy", emphasizes the uneasy nature of its owner. He plays all day - appears or disappears, attracting everyone's attention.

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