Chanel Coco Noir

Chanel Coco Noir

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Chanel Coco Noir

Chanel Coco Noir EDP 100ml. is a new version of the classic Chanel Coco, which was also the author of Jacques Polge. When this sound track is different. Uniting them is impeccable style and elegance inherent in all creation brand. Coco Noir - the fruit of the elusive mysteries allows you to create great flavors. It felt the force of novelty, cool, sense of freedom, as well as features of its predecessors. This perfume will give you an exciting journey and allow to get closer to the Great Mademoiselle. It is harmoniously connected with black color and beautiful Venice - two motifs that are key in her life. A floral woody fragrance Chanel Coco Noir is specially designed for adult women who love elegance, they are confident and passionate. Perfume Coco Noir stands out for its freshness and intensity. Scent is packed with real emotions and desire for freedom and independence. Home fragrance Chanel Coco Noir consists of a captivating essence of bergamot and juicy grapefruit magical. The heart notes are jasmine silk, narcissus charming, seductive and unique rose geranium. An interesting period at the conclusion consists of tonka bean, incense, mysterious, exotic patchouli and warm sandalwood. Precious sensual musk perfectly intertwines with sweet vanilla flavors. Luxury women's perfume Chanel is perfect for an evening social event. Ladies fragrance Chanel Coco Noir will immediately raises self-esteem! Perfume favors the intensity and sex-appeal before the flatness and dullness. Coco Noir scent symbolizes the ideal of women who can be sexy and not afraid to go after your goal.

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