Carolina Herrera Good Girl

Carolina Herrera Good Girl

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Carolina Herrera Good Girl

Carolina Herrera Good Girl 80ml. EDP is an oriental floral fragrance that was launched in 2016. Perfumed water constitutes an innovative and addictive combination of tuberose and roasted tonka bean, indicating the nature of the duality of women. Floral wave white sambac jasmine and tuberose is intertwined with deep tones of cocoa beans and feminine senses altogether shackles into their snare fragrant bitter almonds and aromatic coffee. Parfum Good Girl is full of contradictory ingredients that form a perfect harmonious whole. Fascinating aromas lends all modern women, courage, elegance and impenetrable mystery. Carolina Herrera Good Girl does not hold any limits and seductive plays a dangerous game. The aroma is hidden in a sleek black bottle shaped black pumps and a true eye-catcher. Oriental fragrances always kept a veil tales of Scheherazade, a kind of intrigue, mystery and fascination unattainable East. They are viscous and catchy, deliberate bright, but at the same time delicate. The perfect embodiment of oriental charm became established in 2016. perfume Good Girl by the Spanish brand Carolina Herrera. A landmark is a bottle of fragrance and displayed in the form of small black shoes. The composition begins bracing chords coffee with sweet almonds, with a slightly aggressive, but at the same time incredibly feminine sound. Dissolves, exposing the heart perfumed universe sensitively connected gentle jasmine sambac and tuberose in velvet voluptuous symphony. At the end you will wrap spicy trail of tonka bean and cocoa, leaving a pleasant aftertaste and a desire to understand the nature of your mysterious.

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