Carolina Herrera CH Men Sport

Carolina Herrera CH Men Sport

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Carolina Herrera CH Men Sport

Carolina Herrera CH Men Sport 100ml. EDT is a delicate scent for men. CH Men Sport is a citrus-spice fragrance with a wood base. Thanks to refreshing ingredients and spices, this composition is suitable for everyday days and summer periods. The owner of the scent of Carolina Herrera can be an irresistible touch of masculinity, which will not be lost even in more self-active activities and in sports. CH Men Sport is stored in an interesting bottle of simple shapes. It is red and white in color, separated by transversal stripes and decorated with a metal cap. The perfume box carries the same color and has a simple rectangle shape. If you are looking for a great gift for your beloved and you are sure he is an enthusiastic athlete who prefers delicately refreshing scent, do not hesitate to donate it with Carolina Herrera's CH Men Sport perfume. With the first tones of this scent, the fresh, freshly sprayed grapefruit nectar, which is highlighted by a delicious sage and masculine bergamot, can stand on the skin of your body. Cooling water tones inhabit the heart of the perfume along with a distinct juniper and a slightly pungent pepper. Very charming are the chords of sandalwood, earthy vetiver and pleasant moss. Although it has a refreshing scent, it also has a relatively high stamina. It is designed to follow its owner even in extremely demanding activity. Carolina Herrera CH Men Sport - exquisite scent for absolutely free and active men who love sports, improving their body and strong-willed qualities. His inspirational sound will give strength for new sports and life achievements, and in addition, make any man even more attractive in the eyes of charming representatives of the opposite sex. Choosing to complement your elegant image Carolina Herrera CH Men Sport, you will present yourself a unique opportunity to dive into the enchanting haze of fresh sea and noble wood overflows. The active melody of this perfume opens with the brilliance of grapefruit, bergamot and captivating sage. The softness of the juniper and the intriguing spice of Szechuan pepper will emphasize in you a passion and sensuality, and an invigorating sea note will show to the lovely ladies that before them is an indefatigable adventurer. Sweet sandalwood and laconic vetiver combined in a plume of perfume with velvet oak moss, which made the overall sound of the fragrance stylish and noble.

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