Carolina Herrera 212 Surf

Carolina Herrera 212 Surf

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Carolina Herrera 212 Surf

Carolina Herrera 212 Surf 60ml. is an eau de toilette for women with marine attributes. Fragile and narcotic composition, whose main use can be found in summer and sunny days. It is in them that you will receive the appropriate cooling satisfaction. Enjoy the essential delight whenever you remember. Carolina Herrera 212 Surf has a clear style. The biggest influence is mainly on ingredients such as musk or a range of marine and woody tones. They will take you to the sandy beaches where you will enjoy relaxing under the palm trees. All this with an emphasis on the presentation of your own charm. The pink bottle design, whose body is decorated with a variety of palms, is truly original. An imaginative solution combined with refreshing dust mist. Carolina Herrera 212 Surf Women's Water for Women will bring you lots of beautiful and happy moments with friends or life partners. Carolina Herrera 212 takes you to the azure coast of the warmest sea. Sunny hot summer, hot sand on the beach and the sea: huge blue waves, rushing to the shore with a noise. A wind that brings freshness and coolness. Such a happy, carefree summer, filled with bright fun, happy communication with friends, rest on the seashore and the holiday season became the inspiration of perfumers to create a youthful fragrance Carolina Herrera 212 Surf. Eau de toilette Carolina Herrera 212 Surf is a light story of the girl, young and carefree. The fragrance is filled only with light notes, without any gravity, only sea water seasoned with a pinch of salt, a light tree and warm musk. The fragrance Carolina Herrera 212 Surf is clear and clear, transparent and light, light and pleasant, like a sea wave with a fluffy white foam on the crest.

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