Carolina Herrera 212 Men Aqua

Carolina Herrera 212 Men Aqua

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Carolina Herrera 212 Men Aqua

Carolina Herrera 212 Men Aqua 100ml. EDT was born in New York ten years ago and flourished, this debut of the limited edition will be more robust than ever and more attractive. In the past, he longed to have everything - success, rights and love. These eager to accept the metropolis of New York's vibrant baptism, brought him a new self. Now, he is confident of the future, no one can stop him to complete his dream. Yes, he is ready to be king of New York! 212 AQUA Men's Eau De Toilette is a fragrance filled with fresh surprises and seductive charm, created by incense master Alberto Morillas. Inspired by a man with endless vitality and his inspiring energy, his innate charm will be fascinated by the crowd. Interpretation of New York Young Men Incredible Energy. 212 Male Eau De Toilette with 212 AQUA Men Eau de Toilette expressed the two distinct interpretations of Carolina Herrera male for perfumer division Alberto Morillas. A new energy from fresh citrus, oceanic and fresh spices, and most of the 212 male Eau de Toilette will be energetic, with a vibrant aroma of 212 men's Eau de Toilette. The wooden tones are replaced by the more vibrant, more active dreams of the practitioners' souls. 212 series of limited edition male fragrance for the courage to go beyond the limits of men to create a new vision. Citrus and wood tone of the aroma of the interpretation of the shining energy, talent and sexy. 212 AQUA Men Eau de Toilette Fragrance from the rich grapefruit, for the summer into a bit with bitter taste of the green and fresh. This fragrance is enhanced by the sourness of ginger and bergamot. The tone reveals the exclusive aesthetics of subtle differences with other fragrances. Gardenia constructs a sense of generation, noisy bubbles and unique brightness. After the show to show the sandals of the female, the strength of patchouli, vetiver's energy and sandalwood comfort, and in the seductive musk clouds to reveal the freedom of the beautiful.

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