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Cabotine Rose

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Cabotine Rose

Cabotine Rose 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a fragrance for women, belongs to a group of flavors floral fruit. Gres Cabotine Rose perfume was created in 2003. This fragrance is fresh and light, exciting and seductive. He is able to highlight the natural beauty of every woman who decide to buy it. Tenderness, lightness and natural beauty are always those qualities which adorn every woman and make her over the years more and more attractive and irresistible. Youth is fleeting, but in my heart every woman wants to stay young and beautiful, carefree and playful. Fragrant aroma Gres Cabotine Rose is able to give each woman a sense of incredible lightness, beauty and youth. Fruity floral fragrance will bring many new feelings and emotions that are not able to give any other perfume. Tangerine and pear - these are the ingredients that are able to recall each of the fair sex a good time of year - summer time. Summer all so lovely that sings soul and body of every woman. In summer you can run barefoot on the grass, which is filled with dew, lie down and soak up the warm and gentle rays of the sun, which is able to heat, cool water, cool the whole body is capable of and enjoy the scent of wildflowers. The smell of wildflowers lovely and unique, it can not be confused with anything. Fragrance perfume Gres Cabotine Rose is so seductive that before it can resist more than one man, and say nothing about your favorite wife or young cheloveke. On able to make every man look with different eyes at his chosen. The combination of rose, jasmine and lily, create a pleasant aromatic atmosphere, which will be comfortable and cozy every woman. Delicate aroma of pepper is able to bring to this calm and gentle harmony, incredibly bright shade. This shade added flavor sandalwood, musk and frangipani. With these ingredients, fragrance Gres Cabotine Rose is becoming more popular every day. Buy it women who have strong character, but at the same time delicate and vulnerable soul.

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