Britney Spears Maui Fantasy

Britney Spears Maui Fantasy

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Britney Spears Maui Fantasy

Britney Spears Maui Fantasy 100ml. EDT - Luxurious, sexy, incredibly modern and expressive Maui Fantasy from the American brand Britney Spears, released in 2016, refers to the floral-fruity type of fragrances that from the first notes are amazing with the delightful sound of exciting and fresh notes. Sparkling spillovers of the initial chords excite fantasy and carry us closer to the sensual Hawaiian paradise, to the world of bright colors and crystal clear ocean waters, to beaches with white sand and unique sunsets. Juicy notes of passion fruit, pink grapefruit and royal strelitzia whirl in the fragrance of the fragrance, illuminating with a magical, magical aura. Tropical fruits, fresh petals of hibiscus and cyclamen are attracted by sounding in the heart of perfume, and warm vanilla, coconut, nutmeg and amber are intoxicated with soft final chords. This line of fragrances started a long time ago and many scents fell in love with the general public and especially young Britney fans. Today's fragrance takes us to Hawaii and in particular to the island of Maui. Britney Spears herself says that the idea of ​​a new fragrance has become a fantastic corner of the world, where there is only you and the boundless ocean. The untouched nature, amazing flowers and scents of the ocean allow you to enjoy the round the clock. Escape from the world, forget yourself and fall in love with nature hour after hour, is not this what we dream of in the captivity of modern megacities. But now, we have a new pet, a fragrance right from the Hawaiian Islands, the fragrance of a dream and your love.

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