Britney Spears Fantasy Stage Edition

Britney Spears Fantasy Stage Edition

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Britney Spears Fantasy Stage Edition

Britney Spears Fantasy Stage Edition 100ml. Eau De Parfum is a successful combination of fruit notes, delicate floral shades, inviting shades of sweet and sexy musk. But that's not all, elegant, woody notes, white chocolate and cake work wonders with the sound of fragrance. Aroma literally beckons, it lifts the mood, making it magical, and the girl wanted and fabulous. Immerse yourself in the new world, feel the breath of the modern stage and new trends of youth fashion. This fragrance is a perfect gift for girls logical pricing and fine quality fragrances provide an excellent mood. What a delight this girl? Of course, flowers and chocolates. And if a bad day, they easily forget about all the taboos and to make life a little sweeter delight yourself with a piece of delicious desserts. Fragrance Britney Spears Fantasy Stage Edition resembles a sweet girlish dreams, into a deep pink romantic dreams. It improves mood, gives joy and positive. Perfume reveals a mix of expressive quince, exotic lychee and kiwi. "Delicious" note "heart" is represented by a combination of white chocolate, cakes, fragrant jasmine and orchids. The final chord -. Musksnye wood-notes, orris root Release of perfume Britney Spears Fantasy Stage Edition is dedicated to appearance outrageous singer on stage, the audience is presented with a yellow python around his neck. The fragrance has a corresponding design: bottle stylized under the skin of the animal, decorated with elements repeating the details of stage costume Britney. Classification: floral, fruity, sweet Top notes: quince, kiwi, lychee note "hearts": white chocolate, jasmine, cake, orchid Base notes: woody notes, musk, orris root.

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