Victoria's Secret Angel Gold

Victoria's Secret Angel Gold

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Victoria's Secret Angel Gold

Victoria's Secret Angel Gold 75ml. EDP - Surround yourself with beauty and seductiveness with scented water for women Victoria's Secret Angel Gold. It is bold, playful, confident, and just perfect for such women. With a combination of delicate flowers creates a perfect harmony of tones. Pamper yourself 24 hours a day. Angel Gold is a fresh scent, which came to market in 2012. Bringing sexy blend of sparkling bergamot, jasmine, peony and tulip. Rich composition fragrance combines notes of fresh fruit, a touch of delicate flowers and seductive sandalwood. Prickly pear fragrance, pomelos, oranges and musk essence is perfect for every woman. Parfum Victoria's Secret Angel Gold is suitable for any occasion. The rich fragrance compositions will surround the whole day without being bothered. Be beautiful, seductive and irresistible fragrance Angel with Gold from Victoria's Secret. With this fragrance you will certainly be in the spotlight, and each new day will turn into a runway. Composition Victoria's Secret Angel Gold - sexual mixture sparkling bergamot, lush gardenia and musk.

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