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  • Valentino Rock'n Dream
    Valentino Rock'n Dream 90ml. Eau De Parfum is a gentle and airy fragrance for young girls. Modern fragrance Rock n Dreams acts as a seductive magic elixir that opens the mysterious veil of the fantastic world of the most daring and sensual dreams. Perfume Ilias Ermenidis authored soft and airy E..
    4,200.00 Baht
  • Valentino UOMO
    Valentino UOMO 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a classic fragrance for stylish men with aristocratic manners. The attractive composition consists of a leather notes. A delicious combination of chords allowed to wear perfume at the official meeting at any time. Also, it would be appropriate at the ceremony..
    3,900.00 Baht
  • Valentino Uomo Intense
    Valentino Uomo Intense 100ml. EDP is a delightful fragrance for men. It belongs to a group of leather. Perfume perfectly underlines the rebellious spirit of its owner and its modern style, appeal and adds emphasis to the temptation of his natural charm. This bold, charming, persuasive, but not too o..
    3,900.00 Baht
  • Valentino Valentina
    Valentino Valentina 80ml. EDP is a floral-oriental fragrance that evokes the natural beauty and sensual woman who is not afraid to break conventions. Valentino Valentina perfectly captures the ideal of charismatic and fascinating woman. A fragrance suitable for young women who want to attract the at..
    3,600.00 Baht
  • Valentino Valentina Acqua Floreale
    Valentino Valentina Acqua Floreale 80ml. EDT is a new version jeweled perfume from 2011. Valentina scent creators were inspired by the sun-drenched landscape, flowering summer garden and carefree atmosphere. Oriental-floral eau de toilette Valentina Acqua Floreal sings the notes of bergamot and oran..
    3,700.00 Baht
  • Valentino Valentina Assoluto
    Valentino Valentina Assoluto 80ml. Eau De Parfum is very CHYPRE refined fragrance that is perfect for a romantic and sensitive woman. This extremely luxurious perfume you will first enchant with their sophisticated tones and then open your sensual side of the personality. With this fragrance you wil..
    3,900.00 Baht
  • Valentino Valentina Oud Assoluto
    Valentino Valentina Oud Assoluto 80ml. EDP character with piercing the skin. Warm, spicy essence, which acquires the old charm and brings a very heady experience essential. Scent many faces that are targeting your innermost sense of smell. Enjoy the aroma of independence. Valentino Valentina Assolut..
    4,200.00 Baht
  • Valentino Valentina Poudre
    Valentino Valentina Poudre 80ml. EDP created by Aurelien Guichard. East powdery bouquet - a timeless perfume, enveloping the owner of a romantic, imperceptible veil that emphasizes her femininity and sensuality. Ephemeral and delicate Valentino Valentina Poudre combines chords terracotta powder wit..
    3,700.00 Baht
  • Valentino Valentina Rosa Assoluto
    Valentino Valentina Rosa Assoluto 80ml. EDP is a luxury Parfum for women who love the sounds of the Middle East and prefer warm compositions. Exciting, seductive and spicy at the same time. So you can characterize the essence of inducing feelings of mystery and mysticism. Experience the luscious fea..
    3,700.00 Baht