Paris Hilton

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  • Paris Hilton
    Paris Hilton EDP 100ml. is an elixir of seduction. unpredictability and sensuality. Top notes of fresh frozen apple chords and peach nectar. Heart notes of freesia flowers. mimosa and jasmine. Final notes: sandalwood. ylang-ylang. moss. Opens with extraordinary subtlety inherent in its creator Paris..
    1,650.00 Baht
  • Paris Hilton Can Can
    Paris Hilton Can Can 100ml. EDP is a delightful fruity floral fragrance full of joy and merriment. It opens with a delightful combination of fresh mandarin, black currant and nectarine. Penetrates gradually turning the delicate floral tones composed of orange blossom and wild orchids. Sensual perfum..
    2,100.00 Baht
  • Paris Hilton Can Can Burlesque
    Paris Hilton Can Can Burlesque 100ml. Eau De Parfum is a fragrance for women inspired by the Moulin Rouge and the song Lady Marmalade. The original composite variation, which tells the sweet story full of freshness and personal feelings. The composition, which will become the joy, love and natural f..
    1,950.00 Baht
  • Paris Hilton Dazzle
    Paris Hilton Dazzle 125ml. Eau De Parfum is a female perfume, which belongs to the family of floral, fruity aromas to the subfamily. For the first time in a perfume composition will be the stores in 2012. Its author was a perfumer named Frank Voelkl. Eau de toilette goes by the name of a famous Holl..
    1,800.00 Baht
  • Paris Hilton Fairy Dust
    Paris Hilton Fairy Dust 100ml. Eau De Parfum - The appearance of Paris Hilton always produces a sensation and is able to make some much noise, as well as her perfume creations. His new edition Fairy Dust she dedicates to all the young women who believe in magic and miraculous transformations. Feel a..
    1,700.00 Baht
  • Paris Hilton For Men
    Paris Hilton For Men 100ml. Eau De Toilette was launched in 2005. Paris Hilton for Men is ultra-masculine and extremely sophisticated. This new fragrance for men by Paris Hilton is a passionate blend full of energy and sex-appeal. Let Paris Hilton for Men take you on a romantic ride. Dazzling Hilton..
    1,900.00 Baht
  • Paris Hilton Gold Rush
    Paris Hilton Gold Rush 100ml. EDP from the American brand Paris Hilton appeared in June 2016. 22 fragrance is inspired by the famous lady Hilton golden era Gollvivuda. History Gold Rush fits into three words: A moment. A feeling. A rush. The fragrance embodies the warm glow of gold, and a gust of tw..
    2,150.00 Baht
  • Paris Hilton Heir
    Paris Hilton Heir 100ml. Eau De Toilette designed for such a man, who in the wardrobe there exists not only a pair of stylish and new costumes, but absolutely informal clothes. Man from Paris Hilton is not afraid to show everyone your inner world. You put on a business suit on a business meeting whe..
    1,750.00 Baht
  • Paris Hilton Heiress
    Paris Hilton Heiress EDP 100ml. - paired flavor from socialite who opens the world feeling, so long hidden in the soul of dazzling beauty. This may be the charm, femininity, audacity fraction, the desire to dominate and love. Romantic fragrance Paris Hilton Heiress opens the door behind which begins..
    1,800.00 Baht
  • Paris Hilton Just Me For Men
    Paris Hilton Just Me For Men EDT 100 ml. is a new men's fragrance, which was presented to the public to launch in 2007. It is a stylish, fresh scent suitable especially for spring and summer. Compact and pleasant citrus unit produces in the introduction and spice timber in the base and in the he..
    1,900.00 Baht
  • Paris Hilton Just Me For Women
    Paris Hilton Just Me For Women EDP 100ml. - Just Me makes a grand entrance with sparkling top notes that epitomize the high society girl. It exudes a youthful energy that's perfect for wearing day and night. It's trend setting and glamorous with notes that are just the right bouquet for the ..
    1,650.00 Baht
  • Paris Hilton Passport Paris
    Paris Hilton Passport Paris 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a fruity floral fragrance for modern women. This fragrance evokes confidence, playful spirit and a touch of boldness. The unique essence of the fragrance Passport In Paris, you'll assume the role of perfect social elite traveler whole world s..
    1,800.00 Baht
  • Paris Hilton Passport South Beach
    Paris Hilton Passport South Beach 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a summer scent that will instantly become your indispensable partner in any situation. It is appreciated by modern women who love fashion and want to be the center of attention. Essence Passport South Beach gives you the necessary dose of c..
    1,800.00 Baht
  • Paris Hilton Passport Tokyo
    Paris Hilton Passport Tokyo 100ml. Eau De Toilette is the embodiment of desire for knowledge and pleasure of visiting exotic countries. This wonderful blend of floral notes with a touch of fruity and woody essences, is specially designed for modern women who always have a good mood and are full of n..
    1,800.00 Baht
  • Paris Hilton Siren
    Paris Hilton Siren 100ml. Eau De Parfum "animates" fairy tales: after story about forest fairies "Fairy Dust" in front of us there is a new way - a fatal and seductive mermaid. Siren - so called new flavorful "fairy tale" about sea beauties, exquisite and beautiful! Inc..
    1,800.00 Baht
  • Paris Hilton Tease
    Paris Hilton Tease 100ml. Eau De Parfum - Fantastic, romantic and passionate, mysterious and at the same time very clear image of the Marilyn Monroe remind you chypre-floral-oriental fragrance Paris Hilton Tease, that every note of his passes creative mood, attractive emotions, spontaneity and sensu..
    1,900.00 Baht
  • Paris Hilton With Love
    Paris Hilton With Love 100ml. Eau De Parfum - The world-famous brand Paris Hilton does not cease to surprise and delight his many fans with new, always bright, unique, unrivaled and original compositions. The new company received a bouquet at the same time simple and sonorous, beautiful and gentle t..
    1,900.00 Baht