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  • Kenzo Flower EDP
    Kenzo Flower EDP 100ml. - Crazy rhythm of the city does not stop time, but a bright red flower in a series of gray everyday life not only able to attract and capture your attention. Mack grows in the asphalt, in the "concrete jungle" - a strong, irresistible, introducing emotion and fillin..
    2,900.00 Baht
  • Kenzo Flower EDT
    Kenzo Flower EDT 100ml. is the freshness of nature combined with the energy of city life style. This floral scent is built on three basic agreements that revolve around aromas of rose, violet and currant. The base is made of vanilla and white musk. The fragrance was created and launched in 2000. Wat..
    2,400.00 Baht
  • Kenzo Flower In The Air EDT
    Kenzo Flower In The Air EDT 100ml. was launched in the summer of 2013 as a new interpretation of the original Flower by Kenzo in 2000. The new version in 2014, Flower In The Air Eau de Toilette, described as a fresh and light scent of the day.  The unique design of the bottle, created by Serge ..
    2,600.00 Baht
  • Kenzo Flower Tag
    Kenzo Flower Tag 100ml. Eau De Toilette is fruity-floral version, full of youth, freshness and clarity Flower by Kenzo perfume since 2000. Bold graffiti, urban art, young, free and full of creativity. All these have contributed to the fragrance Kenzo Flower Tag. Each artist has his business card gra..
    2,400.00 Baht
  • Kenzo Homme Eau De Toilette Boisee
    Kenzo Homme Eau De Toilette Boisee 100ml. - KENZO opens our eyes to the extraordinary harmony of nature and man. Aroma KENZO Homme Eau de Toilette Boisee is not just a fragrance for men, rather it is an invisible connection between the male character and nature. The strength of the male spirit, gene..
    2,450.00 Baht
  • Kenzo Homme Night
    Kenzo Homme Night 100ml. Eau De Toilette teaches you in life risk. Seductive essence of attractiveness and sensuality, in which you will evoke good humor and playfulness. Romantic fragrance with a tropical touch to your fill satisfy your olfactory senses. Energy express his feelings. Kenzo Kenzo Hom..
    2,450.00 Baht
  • Kenzo Homme Sport
    Kenzo Homme Sport 100ml. Eau De Toilette - Impossible to imagine a strong, active man without constant motion. Business meetings, lunch with colleagues, long tube and finally a nice, welcome dinner with your beloved in a lovely restaurant. How to look flawlessly performing so many things and spendin..
    2,100.00 Baht
  • Kenzo Jeu d'Amour
    Kenzo Jeu d'Amour 100ml. Eau De Parfum - This new product has appeared recently, and I had already in her "fall in love", it is no wonder he Kenzo fashion house has positioned it as the elixir of love. The smell is very catchy and resistant, but in any case not heavy and intrusive, fro..
    2,550.00 Baht
  • Kenzo L'eau 2 Pour Homme
    Kenzo L'eau 2 Pour Homme 100ml. Eau De Toilette - Kenzo presents a new perfume duo summer 2012 Kenzo L'eau pour Femme 2 and 2 Kenzo L'eau pour Homme. Kenzo L'eau Par pour Femme, released in 1996, just "blew" the fragrance industry by their appearance! Unique icy freshness, ..
    2,400.00 Baht
  • Kenzo L'Eau Par Kenzo Pour Femme
    Kenzo L'Eau Par Kenzo Pour Femme 100ml. Eau De Toilette - Personification of youthful purity and sincerity in the perfume L'Eau par Kenzo pour femme. Amazing sensuality, refined elegance fragrance enchants. This embodiment of true female sexuality. Fragrance energizes and refreshes the delic..
    2,000.00 Baht
  • Kenzo L'Eau Par Kenzo Pour Homme
    Kenzo L'Eau Par Kenzo Pour Homme 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a fragrance for men. It was created in 1999. The perfumer who created this fragrance: Olivier Cresp. It belongs to a group of flavors fuzhernye water. The preferred time of year for this fragrance: Spring / Summer. L'Eau par Kenzo po..
    2,050.00 Baht
  • Kenzo Totem Blue
    Kenzo Totem Blue 50ml. EDT does not differ from other collection vials nothing but the color of letters, had they logically blue. Design symbolic totem for each fragrance was developed by Japanese studio by Nendo, known for its modern, unusual solutions. Perfume Kenzo Blue Totem designed for men and..
    2,600.00 Baht
  • Kenzo Totem Orange
    Kenzo Totem Orange 50ml. EDT is a vibrant floral fragrance with woody tones, which was launched in 2015. The ideal choice for an original modern women, as well as for independent and original man. This unique bouquet with purple-orange flacon shaped totem inspired hot almost electric atmosphere of L..
    2,600.00 Baht
  • Kenzo Totem Yellow
    Kenzo Totem Yellow 50ml. EDT is unique unisex fragrance full of energy and good mood. Her unusually fresh, joyous aroma you in a great mood all day. The unique mix of citrus tones, leather and wood looks very attractive and highlights your individual personality. This unique contrasting composition ..
    2,600.00 Baht
  • L`Eau Par Kenzo Eau Indigo Pour Homme
    L`Eau Par Kenzo Eau Indigo Pour Homme 100ml. Eau De Toilette is rich, fresh, woody composition, created by perfumers Sophie Labbe for men with mystical appeal. Men's fragrance incorporates clean and transparent shades to give sensuality and pleasure. Since ancient times, indigo blue indigo becam..
    2,400.00 Baht
  • Madly Kenzo
    Madly Kenzo 80ml. Eau De Toilette - colorful butterfly. And that image is the best conveys the character of a woman who is dedicated to perfumes Kenzo Kenzo Medley. It boasts a bright appearance and "insane freedom." That is why the fragrance has received the "Madly" name. How ca..
    2,500.00 Baht