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Joop! Homme

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Joop! Homme

Joop! Homme 125ml. Eau De Toilette is a distinctive fragrance for men. So specific and novel variation of this perfume is more suitable for mature men who are firmly grounded in their views about the world and its surroundings. Warm honey and cinnamon smell of tobacco is completely crossed by flowers and rare trees, giving the perfume Homme masculine flavor. Fragrance that lasts unusually long and wins many a woman's heart, it's Joop! Homme. Revel in the distinctive uniqueness. Perfume, the smell can distinguish among thousands of others, is engraved deep into your senses. So you'll never crave nothing more than the Joop! Homme. Perfume Joop! They bring into the world the scent of freshness, originality and uniqueness of German designer Wolfgang Joop. You do not want nothing else. Want to be distinctive, fresh and firm in his opinions! Coined fragrance creators for the brave, free, noble, fiery young men. They are the major female demons both thin shower. Magnificent aroma, which obey all the fair sex. Women do not hide the fact that they are pleased to be captured to the owner Joop! Homme. After all, this is a man, that is easy, fun and safe. Eau de Toilette Joop! Homme with Eastern fern smell - a sample of a masterpiece in the art of perfumery. His captivating notes deserve the highest ratings. The creators have outdone themselves, creating a fragrant "bomb" universal scale. Resistant saturated Joop! Homme perfectly revealed in the skin, plays a magical, inviting notes. Of all life situations you will win, if "dressed" in the toilet water Joop! Homme. Velvet, impressive aroma helps to look at the world with new eyes!

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