Gucci Guilty Diamond Limited Edition

Gucci Guilty Diamond Limited Edition

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Gucci Guilty Diamond Limited Edition

Gucci Guilty Diamond Limited Edition 75ml. Eau De Toilette - Brilliant clean water in the collection of the true woman - a new fragrance Gucci: Gucci Guilty Diamond Limited Edition. In an elegant bottle inlaid golden brown faces like jewels shimmer wonderful perfume notes, surrounding its owner fabulous glow. Top notes Gucci Guilty Diamond - spicy pink pepper. At its heart, you will hear unsurpassed sound "king of spices" - cardamom and intoxicating fragrance of springtime lilacs, unwashed living drops of rain in May. Alluring fragrance spreads tenderness, promise, passion, sensuality ... inhaling it, as if you are immersed in the world of fairy tales and magic, where a myriad of stars shine-polished. This impression is reinforced loop notes - precious amber and patchouli extraordinary. The owner of this miracle at least princess - a noble, refined without doubt - beautiful! Release Date: 2014 Manufacturer: Gucci France Made in: France Gender: Female Classification of flavor: fern Top notes: pink pepper Note the "heart": lilac, cardamom Final note: amber, patchouli. Gucci Parfums long established themselves as one of the most ambitious brands. The history of this house has dozens of flavors that become true works of art of perfumery. Remember your visits under the moon, the first ball and the first passionate lovers whispering lips, perhaps Gucci shades already turned the world into a great fairy tale for you two. In 2010, Gucci introduced the world high-tech fragrance Gucci Guilty, he quickly gained popularity, lovely shades of passion and feelings exciting moment and a dramatic image is the main criteria of modern bestseller. In 2014, the perfumers of the Gucci offer you a limited fragrance Gucci Guilty Diamond, which is decorated with sparkling crystals symbolizing diamonds for your beauty. You can fall in love over and over again in your scent. Gucci is becoming more beautiful and attractive, and the fragrance on your skin looks like "live", and it really comes alive, the game is gorgeous hues, stunning passages of music and passionate accents. There is everything for your love, Gucci Guilty Diamond is a real decoration, this is your new mascot, which is so easy and so nice to enjoy life.

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