Giorgio Armani Eau De Nuit

Giorgio Armani Eau De Nuit

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Giorgio Armani Eau De Nuit

Giorgio Armani Eau De Nuit 100ml. Eau De Toilette -  Armani has become for many something more than just a Fashion House. We always expect high quality and eccentricity, both in clothes and in premium class fragrances. Today you are introduced to the fragrance from the new series, referring to the renewal of the aromas of Armani Pour Homme, and you have a completely new fragrance with the intriguing name Armani Eau de Nuit. The persistent fragrance of Armani Eau de Nuit is a magnificent touch that will serve as the best completion of the festive image of a man. Perfume perfectly complements the luxurious evening dress. If you compare the fragrance that was released in 1984 with the new composition, you could appreciate how far the aroma preparation technologies have gone forward. Armani Eau de Nuituneasy aroma, the formula contains the diabolical power of love, unbridled passion and the ocean of feelings, but all this is covered up by nobility, refined manners and angelic tranquility. It resembles a bonfire that can only smolder in the night, and can color the horizon with a glow that tears out the scenes of your embrace from the dusk of the night, the cry of your hearts and the infinite happiness of being in love and possessed. The beginning of the fragrance is encouraging, but a hint of passion is already present (bergamot, pink pepper). The "heart" of the composition is a trap of spicy and delicate floral notes, where it's easy to get lost, enjoying the proximity and anticipation of passion (cardamom, nutmeg, iris, heliotrope). A noble train surely calls for itself, expensive woody colors will certainly raise your rating and trust (cedar, tonka beans, amber). The choice is obvious, we are again in the hands of the great master of High Fashion - Giorgio Armani, this is an excellent occasion to update!

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