Armani Mania Pour Homme

Armani Mania Pour Homme

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Armani Mania Pour Homme

Armani Mania Pour Homme Eau De Toilette 100ml. - Stylish, modern, elegant and sensual - it is such a holder of Giorgio Armani sees iconic men's fragrance Mania Pour Homme by Armani. Incredibly beautiful, alluring, seductive, has a truly magnetic attraction, Mania Pour Homme has become a favorite flavor in the collections of many men around the world. In the first seconds of a magnetic composition Mania Pour Homme strikes chords mix of mandarin, saffron and spicy flavors. In the heart of the fragrance harmoniously combines the strength of cedar and vetiver, which are gradually replaced by intense sensuality of amber and musk. Woody-amber freshen this elegant and stylish flavor makes it very versatile. The aroma can be safely worn in the daytime and in the evening, as well as at any period of the year. Name fully captures the essence of flavor - it attracts, charms, fascinates and involves girls and women. Elegant and fresh Mania Pour Homme embodies the flavor of a real man's confidence and charisma. Release Date: 2002 Country of origin: Italy Gender: Male Classification flavor: water, fern Top notes: mandarin, saffron note "Hearts": forest scents of vetiver and cedarwood End note: amber and musk. Dynamic, radiant and very passionate fragrance  Giorgio Armani Mania pour homme was created by the famous brand Giorgio Armani in 2002. This perfume - a true embodiment of a design style. His classic fragrance based on chords amber-woody notes of vetiver and cedar wood, which are surrounded by delicate, velvety shades of amber and musk, resembling soft silk or satin. Also, the same brand that was created by a pair feminine perfume Mania pour Femme . Fresh burst of Calabrian mandarin and Sicilian bergamot, Ceylon cinnamon zest surrounded, give unrivaled glamor to your image, as well as exclusive fashion suit tailoring. He will emphasize your respectability, wealth and nobility better than any jewelery and open the gates to the world of extraordinary accomplishments, to the heights of achievement.

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