Escada Cherry In The Air

Escada Cherry In The Air

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Escada Cherry In The Air

Escada Cherry In The Air 100ml. EDT is a charming new spring and summer limited edition fragrance from ESCADA - is a compelling composition inspired with nothing comparable to fresh and sweet smell of cherry blossoms. These are the first fruits of the summer immediately evoke the sweet anticipation of a long, warm, carefree days ahead of us. So bright and tasty, tempting aroma of cherries stirs the imagination, and here we are already present ourselves on the bike ride with friends in the gardens of southern France, stopped to rest under the shade of lush trees with a picnic basket full of juicy berries. ESCADA Cherry in the Air is filled with fascinating combination of fragrant red fruit that evoke the taste of life and cause the same fun-filled, joyful feeling that blossoming cherry orchards. Date fragrance: floral, fruity Top notes: cherry, raspberry note "Hearts": candy Final note: Sandalwood. Perfume Escada Cherry in the Air is a inimitable flavor, which is addressed for the lovely ladies. He belongs to a family of flowers and fruit flavors. Perfume was born in 2013. All those who are fans of cherry receive untold pleasure of seeing this sweet and sexy fragrance. Together with him you immerse yourself in the atmosphere that surrounds us during a walk in nature or a trip through the gardens on a bicycle. This multi-faceted and unique composition begins with the sounding of the upper chord cherries. Note the "heart" here is the smell of marshmallows. At the end you expect basic chord sandalwood. Top notes of cherry, raspberry and mandarin Heart notes of marshmallow, gardenia, orchid and vanilla; base notes are sandalwood, oak, white musk and leather.

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