Christian Dior Addict Shine

Christian Dior Addict Shine

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Christian Dior Addict Shine

Christian Dior Addict Shine 50ml. Eau De Toilette is a unique perfume for refined natures. Incredibly feminine and sensual smell like lights all around the bright light. The composition of the fragrance is addressed to young girls. The unique formula of toilet water to add to their natural charm shine summer morning. The scent is perfect for any occasion. Whether you came to a party or going to a business meeting, Christian Dior Addict Shine always out of place. Spirits have a warm, elegant, unobtrusive, but noticeable odor. Christian Dior fashion house are positioning their toilet water as a summer fragrance, however Addict Shine can be used at other times of the year. The warm evening breeze, the smells of wild flowers, morning dew and crimson sunsets. How nice to go back to the warm season, when the window reigns cold weather? The charming, expressive and attractive, the perfume will not leave indifferent any representative of the fairer sex. But men will always be crazy about you and your smell. Release Date toilet water - 2005. Externally, the bottle is similar to other perfume series - Eau Fraiche, but after the first breath, the difference becomes noticeable. Aroma less saturated, it can be used every day, and more vivid. Christian Dior Addict Shine - a suspension bridge connecting the simple and complex odors. Choosing this fragrance you choose harmony. Strong sounding citrus moves in raspberry middle notes, and wrapped in a wood trail, carrying the owner of the world of fantasy fruit. When she appears, everything seems illuminated by a bright light that comes from it . Flex, woven from the stars, spreading her. For this dazzling and elegant young women Christian Dior has created its new fruity floral fragrance of Dior Addict Shine . It's like a light suspension bridge connecting the simple and complex flavors. The strong sound of citrus notes, moves into a beautiful crimson heart note, and wrapping in sensual woody trail, makes an interesting twist to the world of fruit fantasies. Incredibly sensual, feminine and luxurious fragrance. This fragrance is created for young girls, funny and mysterious, which is the beauty and joy of life in the world carries happiness. Now, as she passed, all eyes turned to her, her charm crazy men, and the secret of its charm lies in the fragrance Dior Addict Shine. Base notes: peel, raspberry, gardenia, cedar wood.

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