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CK Free Sport

CK Free Sport 100ml. Eau De Toilette - In the spring of 2014 the famous fashion & perfume brand Calvin Klein released the third men's fragrance in the line Free Sport The name of the fragrance is very speaks for itself: like the previous fragrances of this collection, CK Free Sport is designed for confident, free-spirited, strong body of men. Aroma just sings craving human freedom. In this endeavor are all equal: no age, no national or social barriers. Escape from routine, break the vicious circle of imposed values - that feeling that cover with the first breath of this fragrance. In the top notes can feel the freshness of sea spray, the ripeness of oranges, bergamot nobility. Heart of the fragrance reveals the fragrance of flowers: jasmine, lotus, lily of the valley. But they sound restrained, not sugary as it may seem. Largely thanks to delicious flavor base: the deep sound of cedar, sandalwood and astringency soft scent. The independent man, seeking to understand the limits of their capabilities - this is the image of the new fragrance CK Free Sport. Like the previous fragrances of this series, fragrance is packaged in an elegant rectangular glass bottle with a massive red hues on the edges. Perfume is well suited for the summer, sits easily on the skin and enough racks. Wood-sea composition glows with notes of ozone, lily of the valley and cedar. Among the additional chords mentioned bergamot, orange, jasmine, lotus refreshing and precious sandalwood, amber tones. Limited edition fragrance is a new version of the perfume CK Free.

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