CK Euphoria Spring Temptation

CK Euphoria Spring Temptation

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CK Euphoria Spring Temptation

CK Euphoria Spring Temptation 100ml. Eau De Parfum - Fruity floral fragrance Euphoria Spring Temptation by Calvin Klein is designed for romantic and seductive women. Perfume was released in 2009. Harmonious and deep fragrance Euphoria Spring Temptation by Calvin Klein carries not only the thrill of harmony, but also brings to life its owner harmony and self-confidence, and causes men to turn around in the trail. Base notes: pear, guava leaf, pink lily, violet, freesia petals, sandalwood, white amber and musk. Feature: inspirational, light, romantic. Suitable for day and night use. Calvin Klein is a fresh and green floral variation on Euphoria in 2005, which is called Euphoria Spring Temptation. This is a limited edition for the spring of 2009. His motto is "Let the spring uncover your femininity." On this occasion, a bottle was decorated with a tropical garden in metallic tones. As they say in advertising, this perfume evokes the feeling of dew from the notes of guava leaf, flower pear, pink lily, freesia petals and violets in dewdrops, sweet sandalwood, white amber, frosty musk. Open your world of fantasy and desire, hidden during the harsh winter. On the eve of spring, Calvin Klein pleased with the release of new perfumed water - Euphoria Spring Temptation. Its delicate flower fragrance bursts with fresh wind after a long winter's hibernation and carries with it a fragrance of flowers with exotic tropical notes of musk and sandalwood. The spring temptation of Euphoria became even more piquant and unique, combining the splendor of fruit and the tenderness of flowers. The creators of the fragrance, French perfumers Carlos Benaim and Loc Dong, bravely weaved the smell of a blossoming pear, the tropical exotic of guava leaves flavored with a refreshing water chord, with the feminine and intoxicating smell of rose-lily petals, freesia and velvety violets. To top it off, there is a weightless trail of musky, sandalwood and sensual ambergris. Romantic and feminine fragrance Euphoria Spring Temptation attracts and fascinates with a fresh bouquet of flowers and creates a light spring mood.

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