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CK Euphoria Gold

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CK Euphoria Gold

CK Euphoria Gold 100ml. Eau De Parfum delivers narcotic effects full of softness and honey. A playful scent that deepens the feelings of joy and creates a smile on the face. Oriental composition with a rich filling, where you can see juicy shades with a delicious taste. Calvin Klein Euphoria Gold is an eau de toilette for women who are not alien tangerines, apricots, gardens or daffodils. It is these ingredients that will bring you into a magical dimension of peace and harmony. Fulfill your secret wishes for a floral aromatic perspective that can be embodied in this composition. Calvin Klein Euphoria Gold perfume bottle for women has a very elegant look of golden color. A luxurious design that will become the pride of your shelves. Gain life force with the help of this unique flavor, the spell of which succumbs to every man. Be a sensual and unloving lady. Earlier this year, in the light went out of publication Liquid Gold Euphoria and Liquid Gold Euphoria Men. And now the house of Calvin Klein is ready to please their fans another fragrance duo inspired by gold. New flavors paired Euphoria Gold hit the market in August 2014. These intoxicating compositions devoted to the power of desire and pleasure, to experience immersion in the world of wealth and luxury. Aromas Euphoria Gold dressed in bottles of the same 'gold' design as their predecessors, Euphoria Liquid Gold. The difference is that now the golden metal deposition is applied only on the side surfaces of the vials, and the rest of the area is semi-transparent and is made ​​of golden amber glass for women's magazines and black translucent - for men. Fragrance for women Euphoria Gold Limited Edition advertised as fruit and oriental composition opens with juicy notes of kumquat, tangerine and sweet apricot. Heart perfume includes gardenia and narcissus, warmed and sweetened with hints of honey. The base is made ​​from white patchouli, sandalwood and musk. This limited edition is available in 100 ml bottle as Eau de Parfum. "Gold" advertising campaign of the new perfume duo Take pictures Raymond Meier.

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