CK Euphoria for Women

CK Euphoria for Women

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CK Euphoria for Women

CK Euphoria for Women EDP 100 ml. Manufacturer Product Description as Euphoria created by perfumers Dominique Ropion, Carlos Benaim and Loc Dong. The fragrance is luminous and luscious like fruits notes of which are captured in it. Euphoria is mysterious and appealing like dark exotic flowers. Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume for Women invites you to enjoy in joys of life. Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume for women contains a blend of ginger pepper, cedar leaf, raindrop accord, suede, patchouli, chilled sudachi, black basil, sage, brazilian redwood, and amber. Women's Fragrances in the style of Calvin Klein makes a woman feel happy and loved. She knows how to achieve success and enjoyment. Perfumers Ann Gottlieb developed an amazing, very feminine and unique scent that can easily conquer the strong half of mankind. But such elements as Japanese persimmon, pomegranate and green disclosed initial notes, which have a unique charm. In the heart of spirits instead lotus flowers and black orchid. But in the plume remains spicy amber, violet and spicy graceful mahogany. Top notes: pomegranate, campaka, persimmon, greens. note "Hearts": lotus, magnolia, black orchid. Final note: amber, black violet, mahogany. Brand Calvin Klein is a new and original flavor, called Euphoria. It is saturated with fruit and floral notes that convey confidence, harmony and incredible tenderness of its owner. Emotional and mesmerizing fragrance can charm any man to give the sweetness of life and surround possessor Wrath flirting. Fragrance Euphoria by Calvin Klein is designed for women who enjoyed every second of life and look to the future. Top notes are a wonderful perfume Euphoria disclosed smells green, pomegranate and persimmon. Heart notes sound gentle shades of black orchid, lotus flowers and campaka that gradually move to the basis of flavor, consisting of black violet, red wood, cream and liquid amber chord. A distinctive feature of the perfume is that the notes are the main foundations of the entire chord aromatic composition. The creation of a perfume bottle designers Euphoria  inspired orchid, or rather its bud. Ready vial was very convenient and practical, which combines glass and aluminum. Through the glass walls of the bottle you can see the fluid that has a bright color of amethyst. Bottle cap crowns rectangular aluminum on which is painted the logo and the name of the trading house a wonderful aroma.

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