CK Euphoria Essence

CK Euphoria Essence

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CK Euphoria Essence

CK Euphoria Essence EDP 100ml. is a purely floral floral scent - vibrant, captivating, exciting. The perfume is inspired by the brilliant dream of sensuality and mysterious grandeur. Clear, sensual, decadent. Calvin Klein Euphoria Essence tells you in the first note storm of juicy fruit. Finally, the perfume develops in a uniquely sophisticated combination of orchid and cashmere wood. The gourmet finish of the perfume consists of a blend of patchouli and white chocolate, which makes the perfume a very elegant sweet dot. Euphoria Essence perfumed water has a purple bottle with all rainbow colors, the unusual design of which fits perfectly with the perfume. Bond to reveal the veil of mystery, decadence and sensuality. Euphoria essence is sensuality and sexuality itself, it's your new image, a new temptation and a game with a partner. The aroma is balanced, it is gentle and sensual and gourmet, here you will not find an excessive amount of ingredients, the authors are very laconic, but in this and the charm of new fragrances, they are not overwhelmed, and very desirable! Euphoria Essence Calvin Klein opens with a cascade of forest berries, which are provocatively flavored with pink pepper and your emotions - raspberry, pink pepper, blackberries. "Heart" of the composition is a chic bouquet of refined and romantic flowers, you simply drown in tenderness and romantic feelings - orchid, lily of the valley, jasmine. The authors carried out a loop of aroma in an intelligent gourmet style, but here there is a place of intrigue and temptation, it is only worth visiting one of the parties with your close friends - patchouli, cashmere tree, white chocolate. The fragrance should become a worthy receiver of the acclaimed fragrance of euphoria Calvin Klein, you judge this, we only suggest you decide on new adventures in a world of love and passion!

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