CK Eternity Now for Women

CK Eternity Now for Women

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CK Eternity Now for Women

CK Eternity Now for Women 100ml. Eau De Parfum - Luxury women's fragrance Calvin Klein Eternity Now has a unique own aroma, which is inspired by the feelings of new love. Now Eternity fragrance that perfectly captures the excitement and pure emotion that you feel when you enter the path to the new man, who is not indifferent to you. These first few moments together in love forever. Enjoy these emotions again and again and surround yourself with an aura of romance. With this fragrance is a real man in your presence very happy refrain. Aroma fragrance Calvin Klein Eternity Now is absolutely irresistible! Addictive fragrance is slowly opening notes of quince, sweet and luscious lychee. Complementing the breathtaking sorbet. Peach blossoms will caress your face. Intensive neroli and graceful peony creating exciting atmosphere. Basis fragrance Calvin Klein Eternity Now is extraordinarily attractive. Here you will find notes of seductive musk and ambroxan. Cashmere wood adds warmth and scent enhances the imagery of. Emotional and physical page exceeds the sheer power of the union is sudden and undeniable. One unexpected moment in your life can become a completely new beginning of love. Enjoy these feelings and open your heart with this attractive feminine scent! Calvin Klein fragrance Eternity Now is perfect for everyday wear and perfectly complement you also for social events or a romantic date. Fragrance was launched in 2015. It  is another gift perfume house Calvin Klein, with whom she works closely, since 1996. Its flavors are different special appeal - which are only seductive composition for Axe men's line! Perfume «Eternity Now» was no exception - it is intoxicatingly feminine, sweet-fruity fragrance for cheerful and romantic of the fair sex. First, you will meet a bright fruity chord quince, lychee sorbet and vanilla, creating the first few notes of a playful attitude. Flirty greeting, poetry, passes the baton "heart" notes that are sounding surprisingly gentle symphony: peach flowers, peony and neroli so harmoniously intertwined that trying to share this divine melody on chords - it is in vain. After so pure and angelic symphony final notes sound a quiet river, enveloping you invisible veil of cashmere, musk and ambroxan. Fragrance for real princesses!

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