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CK Eternity Moment

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CK Eternity Moment

CK Eternity Moment 100ml. Eau De Parfum inspires romantic feelings in every woman. First kisses, gentle touches and frightening smiles are the main essence of Eternity Moment perfumed water. Do not be afraid to show your romantic soul to the world. After all, every woman in her heart longs for the feelings of intimacy that emanates the smell of Eternity Moment. The charming essence, underlined by delicate lychees combined with tender peony and sweet raspberry. When the initial enchantment with this sweet cocktail of love disappears, the warm smell of pink wood develops and lasts for a long time. Cover yourself in love and stand out for your uniqueness. Here, you can showcase Calvin Klein Eternity Moment, a romantic scent for women who are not afraid to love. If you want to always look attractive and constantly get compliments from men, the Calvin Klein Eternity Moment fragrance will perfectly help you in this. His luxurious passages will attract the attention of the opposite sex, as an invisible magnet. The radiance of this amazing smell is perfect for stylish business women and light romantic beauties. The flower haze will reveal your secret desires and aspirations, will show all the passion and sensuality of your nature. The first passages of Calvin Klein Eternity Moment are full of playfulness of litchi, guava sweets and garnet color. The wonderful harmony of a pink Chinese peony, a thin water lily and mysterious passionflower forms a unique note of "heart". A trail of this beautiful smell has absorbed the softness of raspberry cashmere, the sweetness of musk and velvet rosewood.

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