CK Eternity for Men Intense

CK Eternity for Men Intense

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CK Eternity for Men Intense

CK Eternity for Men Intense 100ml. EDT Calvin Klein calls for love that has developed into something much stronger, in a passionate and unbreakable bond. It is an indescribable and passionate relationship that is triggered by the delicate sense connection that creates a sensual precious iris. Calvin Klein Eternity Intense is a deliciously modern, spicy bergamot that is seductive and captivating. The base of cedarwood radiates woody cores that are sexually sexy, and the iris reveals the powdery richness that enhances the overall strength of the fragrance. Calvin Klein Eternity Intense re-evaluates the legendary design of Eternity Calvin Klein flasks with a ragged, step-by-step gradient that adds a new degree of intensity to the vials. Calvin Klein Eternity Intense men's perfume bottle is packed in rich shades of dark gray. The vibrant color from the center of the bottle creates both depth and volume. Calvin Klein Eternity Intense was launched in 2017. Eternity Intense is a woody, aromatic and masculine fragrance.

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