CK Eternity Aqua for Men

CK Eternity Aqua for Men

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CK Eternity Aqua for Men

CK Eternity Aqua for Men 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a woody fragrance for men who want to feel sexy and freely. Do you desire to be in harmony with nature? Do you want to experience a sense of crystal clearness? Experience the Eternity for Men Aqua Eau de Toilette, inspired by the largest natural element, water. Enter the waterfall of freshness and let your body and mind pamper the essences of flowers and sparkling sensuality. Citruses combined with a refreshing cucumber and a decent lotus. That's a dose of courage for you! In the heart you find a heady combination of cedar wood and lavender, which combines with a distinctive plum and a slightly pungent Sichuan pepper. The soft undertones of rare woods and musk will bruise the skin of your body for a pleasant long time. The Calvin Klein fragrances are designed for individual teenagers who have a common style of purity and elegance with a modern touch. On their own will come the lovers of refreshing and sensual scents. This is Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Aqua, which envelops you with a crystal clear scent, the sex appeal essence of which is the essence. The fragrance was launched in 2010. Freshness, which happens only in the summer after a warm rain, is now available daily with the men's fragrance Eternity Aqua from Calvin Klein. Having inhaled its smell, you seem to find yourself in a fragrant forest after rain. The combination of the aroma of wet wood, leaves, flowers and herbs creates a unique scent of virgin nature that would seem impossible to repeat. But perfumers did it in the fragrance of Eternity Aqua. The initial notes reveal the freshness of the green leaves, they are echoed by citrus, and the water-lily gives a strong and sweetish shade. In the heart of the fragrance there is a chill of lavender, Sichuan pepper with a slightly lemon hint and fragrant plum "Mirabel". The Eternity Aqua trail reveals a long-smelling symphony, in which the sweet-wood balsamic sandalwood, guaiac wood and sharp patchouli are harmoniously combined, which is recognized as a powerful aphrodisiac.

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