CK Eternity 25th Anniversary Edition

CK Eternity 25th Anniversary Edition

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CK Eternity 25th Anniversary Edition

CK Eternity 25th Anniversary Edition 100ml. - 25 years have passed since the introduction of the line of fragrances Eternity, which are popular and loved by many to this day. In honor of this anniversary event, the brand released a limited series Eternity 25th Anniversary Edition, which announced two compositions - for men and women with identical names. Perfume Eternity 25th Anniversary Edition for Men is a calm fragrance with spicy scents fern stood and manly discreet. Starting composition sounds notes of fragrant lavender, ripe tangerine, green grass, interwoven with hints of tarragon, jasmine, sage and a refreshing spicy, herbaceous basil in the heart. Completes the composition chords majestic cedar and rosewood, seductive notes of vetiver and sensual amber. The vial is made in a similar style to the previous flavors of this line, however, the difference now happened silvery coating that gives the flavor more modernity. By the 25th anniversary since the release of popular flavors Eternity for Women Eternity for Men and house Calvin Klein launches commemorative edition Eternity 25th Anniversary Edition for Women and Eternity 25th Anniversary Edition for Men. Calvin Klein Eternity 25th Anniversary Edition for Men - men's fragrance that opens with fresh notes of dried tangerine peel, lavender and aromatic green herbs. In his heart chords blend of basil, jasmine, sage and tarragon. The base is formed by woody rosewood, cedar and vetiver, accompanied by warm amber. The fragrance is available in a flask of 100 ml in concentration EDT. Anniversary edition dressed in bottles of the same characteristic shape as the original flavors, but with silver-plated metal, which gives it a more modern, futuristic look. Officials began an advertising campaign Christy Turlington and Mark Vanderloo. New limited editions will be available from April 2014.

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