CK Escape For Men

CK Escape For Men

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CK Escape For Men

CK Escape For Men EDT 100ml. By Calvin Klein. Fresh. Spirited. Adventurous. A spirited scent that captures man's desire for freedom to escape beyond the boundaries of everyday life. As individual and adventurous as the man who wears it. It is a lively fragrance, which instigates a sense of man to be free from routine. This essence is as individual and as Aventuras wearer. Behind this product is Pierre Dinand has chosen as a way of bottling modern glass seal silver. The feeling of freedom and joy of movement . Classic. The joy of movement, the current process is ever-changing life. Sensual and dynamic Escape brings the joy of movement, the shock wave of freshness and freedom incomprehensible, in sharp contrast with the stuffy city around us. Away from the city. Let just two days. Away from the hustle and bustle. Next to fresh air and tranquility noble woods! Escape for Men invites us on an exciting journey full of adventures and unforgettable experiences. This flavor collected desire for freedom, adventurism and a thirst for adventure. At the beginning of the fragrance is: mandarin, apple, plum, juniper and grapefruit, a heart note: bergamot, cypress, rosemary and lavender, and in the loop: patchouli, sandalwood, amber and nutmeg.

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