Cadillac Extreme

Cadillac Extreme

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Cadillac Extreme

Cadillac Extreme is unique, passionate and captivating men's fragrance, which is designed for young independent loving man speeding and adrenaline. The perfume perfectly evokes feelings of freedom, independence and effervescence. The unmistakable essence combination creates literally encouraging sexy aroma. A man who uses scent Cadillac Extreme is confident, has its own style and is known for his success with women. At the same time, however, Cadillac Man Extreme stands firmly down to earth and knows exactly what he wants. This excellent men's perfume by popular brands Cadillac is a great choice for evening parties and gatherings with friends. Accentuate your natural charisma and personal charm with incomparably seductive and exciting masculine fragrance Cadillac Extreme! It is a new version of the male perfume will be available in 2012. This perfume entered the family of fruit and spice compositions. The original, a rare fragrance incorporates dynamic, manly features with a slightly exaggerated sporty character. Perfume is able to give its bearer optimism and cheerfulness. The scent awakens activity, a decisive, bold action. His slightly sweet taste accentuate the sensual side in a man of character. Also modern man certainly appreciate the flavor Illuminum Black Amber. Notes: ginger, mandarin and musk.

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