Bvlgari Man Black Orient

Bvlgari Man Black Orient

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Bvlgari Man Black Orient

Bvlgari Man Black Orient 100ml. EDP is from Alberto Morillas. Fresh Oriental Perfumed Water lends its mysterious face to men and highlights their sophisticated behavior. Bvlgari Man Black Orient firstly announces the rich tones of rum and spicy cardamom and develops into a fancy heart of tuberose and oriental roses. Fragrant composition culminates with precious agar wood and sensual skin. The smell of Man Black Orient is hidden in a black bottle, the design of which is characteristic of the previous Bvlgari Man Black toiletries. From others it is distinguished by the bronze metallic in the upper part of the bottle, dominated by the brand name. Embark on the exciting scented Black Cloud cloud and enchant women nearby. Do not be surprised, however, that they will not want to get away from you and burn to your attention. The fragrance was launched in 2016. A bright and charismatic man will never go unnoticed in the crowd. He is bold and persistent, he has a good sense of humor and willing to win, his ambitions can only be envied, and accomplishments are worthy of the leader's pedestal. Such an unordinary personality requires increased attention to itself, which can be ensured by the delicious perfumed water of Man Black Orient under the sign of the elite Italian brand Bvlgari. Her stylish, laconic bottle, combining pink gold and black velvet, as it is impossible, shades brutal luxury, conceived by the creator of the fragrance - Alberto Morillas. A decisive and confident start with the stiff accents of rum and warming cardamom will smite any lady on the spot. The center of the symphony of good taste is adorned with the magnificence of velvet roses, clad in a leather train with interlacing of udovish bliss. Bvlgari Man Black Orient Eau de Cologne is guaranteed to leave a trace in the memory of its confident, vibrant owner.

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