Burberry Original for Men

Burberry Original for Men

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Burberry Original for Men

Burberry Original for Men 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a woody aromatic fragrance, for the man who loves modern tradition. The essence of contemporary British shows gentleman who loves stylish clothes and London life and sense of originality or special and exquisite. Infancy opens with a combination of fresh aromatic tones of bergamot, thyme and lavender. Middle notes are made ​​out fresh mint, moss and tonka bean, the base is warm musk and cedar accents. We recommend daily use of this product. Burberry London for Men 1995 is generally loved by men who appreciate classical and elegant style. The first fragrance design house of Burberry men's fragrance was Burberry for Men symbolizing restraint and perfection of the English dandy, his style and way of life. Fragrances perfume opens with fresh notes of bergamot, cumin, lavender and mint, continues warmer notes of cedar and sandalwood, and ends with the scent of amber. Burberry for Men - it is elegant, simple yet modern fragrance for confident men who know what they want to achieve in this life. a classic men's fragrance from the famous perfume company from the British Isles Burberry. Eau de Toilette Spray Burberry Men belongs to the wonderful family of wood fern flavors. The aroma of the famous brand developed Creations aromatic and was released in 1995. Specialists Burberry used in its composition such notes as notes of sandalwood, cedar, jasmine, vanilla and musk. This perfume has a wonderfully romantic entourage. It awakens the imagination and brings out the best of the modern gentleman.

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