Burberry Brit for Women EDP

Burberry Brit for Women EDP

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Burberry Brit for Women EDP

Burberry Brit Women EDP 100ml. - Burberry tackles in the purest British style woman's personality, regarding it as a celebration rather than giving an emotional perspective. The British were those who admired the innovative than those who followed the tide. Burberry Brit sums up British style, respecting the past, living the fullest, a life full of energy and enthusiasm, clear the adventurous future. Besides its robust tone, Burberry Brit reveal the graceful complexity of different types of refinement. This fresh scent, jovial, stirring notes is a true classic green oriental citrus, pear and almond flavor sexy. warmth provided by this fragrance comes from notes of amber and mahogany combined with vanilla and tonka bean. The new fragrance British brand Burberry - Burberry Brit - is designed for the young and open-minded optimists. At the heart of the fragrance is oriental composition with notes of pear, almond, peony, vanilla, tonka bean and mahogany. Packing new toilet spirits framed traditional house Burberry cell strict and playful at the same time. Successful career and a personal life that is enviable. It looks like a woman, which is addressed to the fragrance Burberry Brit. It is always feminine and attractive, stylish and strong, has a secular manner, but she is willing to break any rules, if they are at odds with its vision of life. Every day is different, it is, nevertheless, successful in all areas of life activity is able to work and is able to rest, occupies a solid position and happy to have fun in their spare time. It is this woman became the inspiration for the perfume brand Barberry with the release of a new flavor. Eau de toilette "Barberry Brit" has become the embodiment of all the incarnations of women - housewives fun party, homemaker, an ardent lover. ... Due to its versatility, this classic perfume would be relevant not only during the day in the office, but also for meetings, as well as for the usual ways. Energetic and light introductory notes give the fragrance Brit activity using energy green notes of lime, will cheer up the scent of ripe juicy pear. Accord tops combine lightness and vitality. Heart notes are presented with the sweetness of vanilla and peony fragrance in May that will make your image inimitable and mysterious. Base composition represented valuable woody notes of red wood, tonka beans and sensual amber. Quiet harmony gives spirits Burberry Brit sensation awaited holidays and quiet, conducted in the domestic circle the weekend.

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