Britney Spears Private Show

Britney Spears Private Show

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Britney Spears Private Show

Britney Spears Private Show 100ml. EDP - To feel like a star in the spotlight is easy with the fragrance of the Private Show from Britney Spears. The singer continues to amaze with inexhaustible reserves of energy, creativity and unfading youth. This time she was inspired by the idea that being a star can not only be on stage in front of a multi-million audience, but also in a very intimate atmosphere. Everything depends on the love of self and the inner mood, which will inspire this fascinating gourmet aroma. The delicacies provoke fantasy from the first notes of sweet nectarine and juicy clementine, fragrant coffee and delicate cream. Further reveals the tenderness and coolness of the orange color, jasmine, accompanied by a seductive accent of condensed milk. Persistence and the opening of all nuances provides a warm bodily base from musk and amber. The fragrance is in an elegant faceted bottle, reminiscent of a precious stone. It also seems more mature and refined in comparison with other earlier versions. Like Britney herself, her new fragrance also became more mature. The composition sensually combines ripe nectarine, cream and coffee, filling with a sense of ease and freedom and confidence in their abilities.

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