Britney Spears Fantasy Naughty Remix

Britney Spears Fantasy Naughty Remix

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Britney Spears Fantasy Naughty Remix

Britney Spears Fantasy Naughty Remix 100ml. Eau De Parfum - exotic floral fragrance for women. Daring and lovely interpretation of the famous fragrance Fantasy by Britney Spears pleases the fans of charming dark and sensual combination of accented notes jasmine petals, delicate white chocolate, intoxicating orchids, warm woody notes, the sweetest cupcakes, powdery iris root chord and soft creamy musk. Mysterious fragrance Fantasy The Naughty Remix weary trail envelops the skin velvety, voluptuous excites wildest dreams come true and wild unbridled imagination. Treat yourself to a magical elixir of seduction and diabolical seduction. If you buy a perfume Britney Spears Fantasy The Naughty Remix, then you can forget about boredom and monotonous routine - this is your pass to the playful world of love and passion.   Release Date: 2014 Manufacturer: USA Made in: United States Gender: Female Classification fragrance: floral Top notes : jasmine petals, white chocolate note "Hearts":  orchid, woody notes Base notes: orris root, Cupcake, creamy musk. feminine, charming, at the same time bold flavor from the group floral gourmand, was released in 2014. This is a new, expanded version of an unusually popular 2005 fragrance Fantasy. Incarnation of all fantasies and cute and daring - connects with the perfume itself Britney, and it is possible to agree, as a charming composition allow to achieve this without much effort. The aroma is undoubtedly suitable for bright, open-minded women who are not ashamed of their calling attractiveness.

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