Britney Spears Fantasy In Bloom

Britney Spears Fantasy In Bloom

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Britney Spears Fantasy In Bloom

Britney Spears Fantasy In Bloom 100ml. EDT is a dream in a bottle. This composition, released in 2017, is already the fifteenth in the fantasy line of the Britney Spears brand. As the singer herself says, her love of flowers is ideally embodied in a magnificent bouquet of fragrance. It fills the atmosphere with a wonderful fragrance like a magical garden: the warm sun warms the skin, which, as if she begins to exude a charming, feminine and sensual smell. Delicate notes of pink cherries are intertwined with seductive shades of flowers and berries - this theme of spring renovation transforms, like a fantastic prism, all surrounding objects. They are seen as extraordinarily pure, precisely washed by the sunny scents of the fragrance. In 2017, the world-famous and fashionable pop diva Britney Spears introduced a new floral fruit flavor in the summer casual style. Traditionally, these are inexpensive, but very high-quality fragrances for the youth audience. In a rather concise formula of the fragrance, however, there is everything that you love so much and that makes the fragrance desirable and conducive to positive and joy. Fantasy in Bloom Britney Spears is created from the colors of summer, your beauty and positive dynamics. It is a modern fragrance that meets the strictest requirements for perfumes of our days, you can add to your image magnificent cascades and amazing passages of notes and all this costs absolutely inexpensively! The fragrance of Fantasy in Bloom Britney Spears is opened with a bright cocktail of green mandarin, dynamic shades of red berries and Japanese cherries (green mandarin, red berries, Japanese cherry). In the "heart" of the composition are beautiful flowers and shades of feelings and love (tuberose, jasmine, osmanthus). A trail of aroma is traditionally exciting and full of magnetism (sandalwood, vanilla, amber).

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